The Smash Up Database for Determining the Best Factions

If you find the graph is not behaving how you would like, you may have combos factions where we don't have data.


Choose The First Faction

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Choose The Combinations For The First Faction
Base Set Aliens Dinosaurs Ninjas Pirates Robots Tricksters Wizards Zombies
Awesome Level 9000 Bear Cavalry Ghosts Killer Plants Steampunks
The Obligatory Cthulhu Set Elder Things Innsmouth Minions of Cthulhu Miskatonic University
Science Fiction Double Feature Cyborg Apes Shapeshifters Super Spies Time Travelers
Monster Smash Giant Ants Mad Scientists Vampires Werewolves
Pretty Pretty Fairies Kitty Cats Mythic Horses Princesses
It's Your Fault Dragons Mythic Greeks Sharks Superheroes Tornados
Cease and Desist Astroknights Changerbots Ignobles Star Roamers
What Were We Thinking? Explorers Grannies Rock Stars Teddy Bears
Big in Japan Itty Critters Kaiju Magical Girls Mega Troopers
That 70s Expansion Disco Dancers Kung Fu Fighters Truckers Vigilantes
Oops, You Did It Again Ancient Egyptians Cowboys Samurai Vikings
World Tour: International Incident Luchadors Mounties Musketeers Sumo Wrestlers
World Tour: Culture Shock Anansi Tales Ancient Incas Grimms' Fairy Tales Polynesian Voyagers Russian Fairy Tales
Extras Geeks Smash Up All Stars Sheep Penguins
Munchkin Clerics Dwarves Elves Halflings Mages Orcs Thieves Warriors
Marvel Avengers Hydra Kree Masters of Evil S.H.I.E.L.D. Sinister Six Spider-Verse Ultimates

* It is assumed that factions from Big In Japan always use Titans; this also only applies to the second factions